Assignment 01

Digital Presentations

How Can Presentation Skills Advance Your Career?
You can use digital presentation software to create, manipulate, emphasize, and present important information. A well-rounded presentation with graphics, multimedia, and animations can be interesting. It can draw your audience into what you are trying to convey, as well as show that you are confident with the information you are trying to convey. 

Creating exciting presentations that inform or persuade your audience is easy with different programs such as Powerpoint or Keynote. What you learn will give you valuable and marketable skills that you can use at school and in your career, as well as in your personal life.

Before you start Assignment 1, make sure you have completed the list below:
  • Make a New Folder in your Documents –> Computer 10 folder called "Module 2 – Keynote.
  • Login to your Google Drive so you are ready to create a new Presentation.
Now, lets take some time and find out what makes a great presentation. Complete the list below to finish your first assignment.
  1. Get some headphones and watch the following movie. How NOT To Use Powerpoint By Comedian Don McMillanTake note of the many things that you should avoid when creating a digital presentation.
  2. Now create a new Presentation in your Google Drive and call it "Top Ten Things NOT To Do in a Powerpoint."
  3. Search the internet for information and points explaining what you should NOT do when creating a presentation (powerpoint).
  4. Your Presentation will be 12 slides long. One slide for your title, ten slides for each point and the last slide being a reference slide.
  5. On your ten slides make sure that explain the point at the top of the page and then actually show what not to do on the bottom half of then slide. You make sure a graphic to show your point of just use the program itself to show your point.
  6. You must use at least three resources from the internet when doing this assignment.
  7. Your last slide must be a Reference Slide, with links to at least three of the sites you have used to find your "Top Ten Points." Google does not count as a reference site!!!