Assignment 02

Click here to go to the iWork Tutorial Page. Watch:

  • "Getting Started with Keynote 09"
  • "Add Transitions between Slides"
  1. To use Keynote to it's potential you must understand how the "Inspector" works. Click here for a quick lesson on the "Inspector" found within Keynote.
  2. You will now create your first Keynote. You must create a presentation with at least 23 slides, the first slide being a Title Slide with the rest of the slides telling a story using both text and pictures on each slide.
  3. When you are finished, you will create a movie from your presentation. Click here to step by step instructions.
  4. You will then create a YouTube account using your gmail credentials. YouTube is owned by Google so they tie together quite nicely.
  5. Click here to help you create a YouTube Account. It can be a little trick to link it to your Gmail account. This will help you.
  6. Upload the movie you created in step 4 and YouTube and let it process your movie file.
  7. Go to your Portfolio and create a page for Module 1 - Assignment 02.
  8. Explain what your assignment was at the top of the Assignment 02 page and then insert your movie below your explanation.

This assignment should take approximately 1.5 hours or one class period. Work as quickly as possible.