Assignment 03

Click here to go to the iWork Tutorial Page. Watch:

  • Using Instant Alpha to Remove a Background
  • Add Shadows and Reflections
  • Using the Mask Tool to Crop and Compose Images
  1. You will now create your second Keynote. You presentation will have  10 slides, plus a couple of "Title Slides".
  2. Each slide will be divided in two with the first half of the slide showing a "Before Shot" and the second half of the slide being an "After Shot".
  3. You will collect various pieces of clipart from the web and on the first five slides apply "Instant Alpha" to them. Each slide will show the before and after shots of that piece of clipart.
  4. The last five slides will show various pieces of clipart you have applies both "Masking", "Instant Alpha" and "Strokes, Shadows and Reflections" to the clipart with before and after shots of each.
  5. You will then create a Movie of your Keynote. (Refer back to the Assignment 2 instructions if you have forgotten how to do that.)
  6. Upload the movie to YouTube and let it process your movie file.
  7. Go to your Portfolio and create a page for Module 1 - Assignment 03.
  8. Explain what your assignment was at the top of the Assignment 03 page and then insert your movie below your explanation.