Assignment 04

Click here to go to the iWork Tutorial Page. Watch:

  • Create and User Shapes
  • Create and Edit a Chart
  • Create and Edit a Table
You will now create your third Keynote which will consist of the following:
  1. Title Page
  2. One slide using Shapes. Create a scene of your choice built out of shapes, eg. barnyard scene, city scene, forest scene, etc.
  3. Three slides showing your use of Charts.
  4. The first slide will consist a 2D chart comparing weather statistics from 20 years ago to this year. (Eg. Feb. 1-7,1995 compared with Feb. 1-7, 2011). Data to include in your chart will be: Max Temp °C, Min Temp °C, Total Precip. mm, Wind Speed km/hr.
  5. Here is a link to  help you find that data. Environment Canada Historical Weather Data.
  6. The second slide will consist of a 3D chart of the same data used in the 2D weather chart.
  7. The third chart will be a Pie Chart on any data that you wish to display.
  8. One slide using a table. The table may consist on data from any source that you would like to do. (Eg. Your school schedule.)
  9. Make sure that you use both a top header row and a side header column.