Assignment 05

Click here to go to the iWork Tutorial Page. Watch:

  • Using Advanced Builds to Animate Objects On and Off Slides
  1. You will be using the build options for clipart and objects on each slide, transitions between each slide and especially "Text Effect Transitions" between your slides with text on them.
  2. You will now create your fouth Keynote. You presentation will have approximately 6 slides, including a "Title Slides" and a "Ending Title".
  3. Find a short poem or story that will fit on about 4 to 5 slides. You should ONLY have about 4 or 5 lines of text on each page. Don't have too much text.
  4. Collect a few pieces of clipart to go along with your story or poem for each slide.
  5. Apply the different Text Effects (Transitions) and Animate (Builds) your graphics and clipart on each slide.
  6. Save and name your file as "Assignment 05".
  7. Export as a movie, review assignment 02 if you have forgot.
  8. Upload your movie to Youtube.
  9. Create an "Assignment 05" page on your Portfolio and insert your Youtube video there.