Assignment 06

Click here to go to the iWork Tutorial Page. Watch:

  • Animate Objects Between Slides with Magic Move
  1. Watch YouTube demo of "Magic Move" commercial/advertisement below.
  2. Your presentation will have 3 slides.
  3. As you create your opening slide, use builds, shadowing, reflections and all those little things you have learned so far.
  4. After creating your first side and then DUPLICATE it. Remember "Magic Move" will not work unless you do this step!!!
  5. For any new objects on your second or third slide you may use "Builds", but for objects that were on the first slide YOU MUST DELETE THE BUILDS or the "Magic Move" transition will NOT work.
  6. NOW you will add a sound track to your commercial.
  7. Go to Aviary to and create a new account with your Gmail Username and Password.
  8. Once you are signed into Aviary click the "Audio Editor Myna" NOT the "Music Creator".
  9. Once you are finished your master piece, download your composition to your desktop as a mp3.
  10. Insert it under the Document Tab on your inspector.
  11. When finished you will create a Movie of your Keynote. This time check the "Include the slideshow soundtrack" box.
  12. You will now have a movie file with your slides and another movie file with your soundtrack. Open Garageband and create a new "Movie" project.
  13. Now import both the movie file and soundtrack file into your new project. Trim the soundtrack file so it is the same length as your movie file.
  14. Fade your music out so it doesn't stop abruptly.
  15. Now go to the Share menu and "Export Movie to Disk".
  16. Upload your new movie from Garageband to YouTube.
  17. Go to your Portfolio and create a page for Module 1 - Assignment 06.
  18. Explain what your assignment was at the top of the Assignment 06 page and then insert your movie on to your page.

Assignment 06 Example