Training Room 1

In Training Room 1 you will:

  • learn key features of Excel® 2007
  • use help functions and online references
  • open and save a workbook
  • insert and delete worksheets
  • move, copy, and rename worksheets
  • change the tab window size
  • create hyperlinks
Open the Training Videos and watch the Training Room 1 Video.
When you are finished watching the Training Video:
When you are finished reading the "Training Room 1: Introduction to Spreadsheets":
When you are finished the Time to Practice 1 spreadsheet:
  • Upload the completed file to your portfolio under: Module 3 > Training Room 1 > Under your attachments at the bottom of the page.
  • Go to your Google Docs webpage.
  • Then upload your excel spreadsheet and convert it to a Google Docs Spreadsheet
  • Insert that spreadsheet on your Assignment 1 page.
You should now have the Google Spreadsheet on your Assignment 1 page and the Excel Spreadsheet uploaded to the Attachments section at the bottom of your Assignment 1 page.

This Assignment should take you approximately 75 minutes. When you are finished move on to Training Room 2.